Nepal Research and Education Network (NREN) is organizing  the Telemedicine workshop with the objective of Sharing for Synergy at Hotel Radission and today is the second day of the workshop.

telemedicine workshop

nren workshop

This Workshop was designed to assist in the ongoing development and application of Organizational Objectives; Telemedicine/organization & administration.

On behalf of Nepal Research and Education Network (NREN) along with Telemedicine Society of Nepal (TMSoN) is jointly organizing the First Telemedicine Workshop in Kathmandu on 9th and 10th of September 2016.

The workshop will provide a really valuable opportunity for socially responsible doctors,health workers and health activities to discuss issues in healthcare at national, regional and international level.The main theme of workshop will be ‘ Telemedicine in Nepal : Sharing for Synergy,. The entire event will be held at Radission Hotel, Kathmandu, Nepal .

This workshop is organized with a view of establishing the concept of telemedicine in each and every corners of our country,Nepal.