Nawaraj Kunwar President Candidate 2019, Who Shape The CAN Federation

President Candidate of CAN Federation 2019

November 16, 2019, Kathmandu, Nepal

Information Technology entrepreneur Nawaraj Kunwar has announced his candidacy for the post of President of CAN Federation. He is presently the Senior Vice-President of Federation of CAN, and for the first time in the organization’s 26-year history, he is claiming the leadership out of the valley.

Election of the 13th Working Committee of the CAN Federation is going to be held on Saturday, Mangsir 7th, 2076 (23rd November 2019).

“With the idea of ​​entering the new phase of development of information technology in the country by introducing the branches of the CAN Federation to all the 57 districts, I have submitted a claim to the post of chairperson of the CAN Federation as an umbrella body of information technology entrepreneurs,” said Kunwar.

Kunwar also said that initiatives would be taken to discuss the problem of import and export of goods and services related to information technology and to resolve the unfair tax policy in the operation of broadband connectivity.

Kunwar said that if elected, the task of building CAN’s buildings and infrastructure and establishing a regional secretariat in central and provincial levels would be given top priority. He also plans to make Nepal’s largest information technology fair, CAN Infotech, more sophisticated and developed, and expand it to all seven provinces.

Kunwar, who has been a member of CAN since 2052 B.S, gathered the Information Technology entrepreneurs of the Lumbini Zone and formed the CAN Lumbini Institute under his chairmanship and claimed membership as the first branch of CAN. Kunwar said that his candidacy was natural as he has been the most experienced and senior vice president of the committee for the past decade and a half.

CAN, which has expanded to seven provinces, has so far participated in 57 districts and has around 5,000 members.

can federation election institutional group candidate

Representing Kunwar’s group, Rajan Karmacharya, Amit Sarraf, Rajesh Agarwal, Shankar Shrestha, Sharmila Bhujel, Niranjan Patel, Surendra Neupane from the Institutional Members Group. Dr. Pawan Kumar Sharma, Navin Joshi, Rajendra Aryal from Institutional Life Member group


Prof. Dr. Subarna Shakya, Bikram Shrestha, Damodar Adhikari from the Individual Life Members Group. Khusal Regmi, Ratnatara Baidya, Subash Khadka, Ghanshyam Khanal, Shrawan Shrestha, Shree Poudel, Dinesh Raj Karki from Individua Members Group

Narayan Bahadur Thapa, Chiranjibi Adhikari, Pratap Sapkota, Bhoj Raj Bhatt from Sectoral Members Group

Lakshman Yadav from Accounting Committee (Institutional Member Group), Hridayaman Shrestha (Individual Member), BhimsenGiri (District Branch)

can federation district candidate 2019

Dipendra Raj Singh and Bhupaldas Shrestha from Province No: 2, Shekharnath Dulal and Bhanu Sharma from Province 3, Ashok Babu Rana from Province No. 4, Resham Giri and Dhrubaraj Sharma (Sudip) from Province 5, Dal Bahadur Khadka and Bhim Malla from Province 6 and HarkaSetthi and Khem Raj Dhungana from Province 7 have given their names for candidacy for the elections.


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