Ncell App Review: Free SMS, Buy Data Packs, Recharge

7 Janaury 2021, Kathmandu

Ncell App Review

Launched on February 9th on 2017, the Ncell Android app can officially be found in Google play store and App Store. It has an average rating of 3.4 in the Google Play Store with 11,180 reviews and a rating of 3.6 in the App Store. To be able to use this app you need a stable internet connection. We will be looking into the app’s features and services in this review.


Ncell Application Review

The first thought that comes to you when you look at this app is that it’s stunning. The design of this app has a certain wow factor to it and the signature purple color of Ncell makes the design pop out even more. When you first get into the app you are given a choice for your preferred language and the terms and conditions agreement. You then have to register using your number, a pin is provided for confirmation. You are then redirected to the welcoming dashboard. You can go to its features through the footer and the side menu bar accessible through the top left corner.


Ncell provides a self-serving app used by the majority of ncell sim users. By installing this app, the customers are introduced to an array of features that could benefit them.

ncell services

You can now recharge your sim card simply by entering a 13 to 14-digits long pin online.

My Services:

You can check the services available and search for them via category (popular data packs, voice packs, SMS packs, VAS, Roaming, Non-Stop Offers). Each service is presented with its package price and full information. You can check your active services or activate services from here.

My Resources:

You can check your current balance, packages and bonus details currently in use, your recharge history, and tariff changes.

  • Customizable profiles.
  • You can also check your call history, check the last ten transactions made and also send 10 free SMS to any Ncell number per day.
  • You can also ask for support if any issues come up.

Tariff Plans:

The sajilo tariff provides one price across the nation within Ncell or other networks. And the ramro tariff provides cheaper rates for calls to all other networks. The rates are shown per minute.

  • There is a FAQ tab to help customers with general inquires.


You can find the available operators and rates, country wise while roaming.

Data Plan Calculator:

You can estimate your daily data uses and come up with a proper data plan for yourself. You can divide the data for emails, streaming, social networking, gaming, and so on.

Tones and Wallpapers:

You can customize your ringtones and wallpapers provided that the app can access your gallery and files. The ringtones can be downloaded.

Store location:

Provided that you let the app access your location, you can search for the nearest Ncell centers from your location. The center’s physical location, opening time, and contact information are also provided via this feature.

Besides these handy features, the app also provides useful notifications about payments, validity, and package expiry information.


The features provided by Ncell for this self-service app are quite handy and useful, but that does not stop the customers from expressing their issues, concerns, and anger. The major issues reported and complained about go as:

  • The users find the data packages to be quite expensive and short-lived.
  • The app crashing suddenly has also created issues for the customers.
  • Some requests and activations take too long to progress.
  • Not being able to login with two numbers is one of the major complaints from customers.
  • The network coverage and services are low.
  • Some customers are facing issues while logging in. They don’t receive the pin which is a must for registration of the number to the device.


Although the Ncell app is facing some issues and complaints from the customers, its base is plenty good. If the team could focus on fixing the issues the customers are so troubled about the app could do much better. Looking at it from all sides, this app has the potential to grow into something that will be used by all of its customers someday.


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