security dangers of public wifi

19th August 2022, Kathmandu

Now free Wi-Fi is available in many public places in the city. Although this facility has helped in some things, it has also caused risks.

Mobile service provider Ncell has given some suggestions to the users on how to avoid the possible risks caused by free Wi-Fi.

Ncell says that there are various risks when using free Wi-Fi without a secure network. Especially the main risk from this is hacking. As the free Wi-Fi available in public places is not secure, hackers can send viruses, adware, and other malware to your device through the connection, so there is a high possibility of hacking social media accounts and leaking personal information.

Similarly, Ncell says that using unsecured free Wi-Fi available in public places increases the possibility of personal information being stolen.

“Hackers can steal login details, and bank details through a Wi-Fi connection. To avoid this, insecure networks should be rejected. Mobile data is suitable for that.

It is suitable because mobile data is safe and there is no risk of a security breach,” Ncell urged the public.


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