Ncell's 18th Anniversary Bazaar Jauu

21st September 2023, Kathmandu

Marking Ncell’s 18th Anniversary with an initiative that focused on Go to Market (Ncell’s 18th Anniversary Celebration Bazaar Jauu), Team Ncell went to the market to spend a day with customers.

This initiative marks an important milestone because instead of celebrating with revelry, Team Ncell chose to go to the market, especially with a focus on engaging directly with its customers and partners face-to-face, on the ground.

Ncell’s 18th Anniversary Celebration Bazaar Jauu

Bazar Jauu is a reinforcement of Ncell’s commitment to customers to hear them personally and execute them.

Living to the brand promise Today.Tomorrow Together., Team Ncell this visit under the theme ‘Here for You’, because Ncell truly believes in focusing and living by the principle that it is here for Nepal and Nepali people, serving them 24/7.

In a bid to interact with and personally thank Ncell customers for their continued support and gain insights from them, Ncell Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Team Ncell visited Ncell Centres and authorized retailers—Point of Sales (PoS) on Sunday, facilitating the customers by interacting and solving their problems and knowing them up-close and personal all over Nepal.

CEO and Managing Director (MD) Jabbor Kayumov sharing his excitement said, “Our commitments are what define Ncell.

Ncell’s 18th Anniversary Celebration Bazaar Jauu

They provide continuity and make us understand our customers better. We recognize that our ‘customers’ are THE KING of our market. So more than counting on the insights, we believe in going directly to the market because we count on our customers for their information and feedback to ensure their needs are addressed.

My personal belief is that only with a market-focused approach can Ncell continuously and quickly reinvent itself to meet new market needs.

Thus, all levels of the organization participated in the drive to become market-focused, celebrating our 18th Anniversary. Market-focused mindset must invade the entire organization. We will continue celebrating our customers like this more often now.”

During the market visit, the CEO, other top-level officials, and all employees visited all Ncell Centres, over 500 PoS all over the country, and interacted with its customers, engaging with the retailers by sharing tokens of appreciation and expressing our gratitude.

In alignment with the theme ‘Here for You’, several other activities and events are planned as a part of extended anniversary celebrations.

These include Health Camps in areas with low human development indices, blood donation drives, tree planting initiatives, friendly football matches at Lainchaur Ground, and visits by celebrities to Ncell Centres to interact with customers, among other events.

About Ncell

Ncell Axiata Limited is the first private sector telecommunications service provider of Nepal established in 2004 and operating service since 2005, and is constantly working towards its goal of connecting every Nepalese through its network, providing high-quality modern services to consistently create better value for our customers and partners.

Contributing to the vision of ‘Digital Nepal’ and the development of the country’s economy and infrastructure, Ncell has built world-class networks and communication services and operates the widest 4G network in the country, fulfilling the national need for high-speed mobile broadband and creating new opportunities for the people of Nepal towards a brighter digital future.

Ncell is one of the largest taxpayers in Nepal. Ncell has contributed over NPR 283 billion (as of the FY 2021/22) as taxes and fees since its inception. We have contributed over NPR 1.80 billion under our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives in focus areas of education, environment, and health, supporting the Government of Nepal extensively.

Ncell is a part of Axiata Group Berhad. Together with Axiata, Ncell is committed to contributing to the development of the country’s economy and infrastructure, building best-in-class networks, and bringing the people of Nepal within the reach of communications. Ncell converted into a public limited company into Ncell Axiata Limited on 3 August 2020. Ncell has been serving over 16 million Nepalese.


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