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13th January 2020, Kathmandu

The capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu is the home to a vast number of colleges. The city contains more colleges and educational institutions than any other town in Nepal. You will find every type of course of study and college in Kathmandu. From Fine Arts to IT colleges, from government university-affiliated colleges to globally recognized colleges, search it here.

Due to the vast range of choices that the city provides, it can be overwhelming when choosing a college to further your education. One might get lost and may not find the right place to pursue the education and career of their dream. Likewise, the city can be cruel for those who are not focused, informed, and don’t have the idea of where to look for the right thing you are seeking.

The same goes for pursuing higher studies in Information Technology. Information Technology is rapidly taking over the world. Nowadays, no office or organization functions without the aid of the information technology department. And, it has succeeded in pulling a massive crowd of students. Annually, the country manufactures a vast number of IT trained students from several colleges throughout the country, and the interest in this field is still not slowing down among students.

Thus, the massive number of colleges has been established around the country to offer quality education regarding IT courses at the graduate and postgraduate levels to the immense number of students. However, this vast number of colleges has put students in a dilemma.

For those thinking of a quality education relating to IT, we recommend the Nepal College of Information Technology (NCIT). The college was established in 2001 is a private institution affiliated with Pokhara University for Bachelor’s and Master’s programs.

With its motto, “shaping minds, molding dreams, building careers,” the college has produced thousands of engineers. This pioneer private institution is famous for excellence in teaching and research with close and mutually beneficial links with various sectors.

The college provides outstanding higher education opportunities and encourages individual talent with a solid knowledge base that thoroughly aids constant social changes and economic advances. The institution dedicates to provide the most exceptional education in various engineering disciplines with emerging professional needs in mind. This college employs highly qualified and experienced faculties to aid students in pursuing their passion and achieving a most excellent quality higher education. NCIT incorporates some of the best infrastructures of Nepal to nurture academic excellence. Also, they offer significant non-credit inputs, including research and project work, supplementing the regular courses to meet the varied learning needs of its students and enhance their employability. NCIT has partnered with many prominent local and multinational companies like Microsoft Innovation Center for internships and training programs.

Here is the list of degrees you can obtain from NCIT.

  1. Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)

BCA is an undergraduate course with a unique combination of Information Technology with business and management. This rapidly advancing era of information technology and communication system demands experts who can employ computer science values to solve business and technology-related problems. BCA is emerging as one of the most sought-out courses in the industrial sector. This course aids students to transform into highly capable professionals required in any organization and IT industry.

  1. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

NCIT believes that only having computer knowledge is not enough to survive in this competitive market. So, the college has also introduced BBA. It is a beneficial and demanding program at present. The college started this program to produce a dedicated, qualified, and competent workforce in the field of management.

  1. BE In Software Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering in Software Engineering (BE Software) mainly focuses on the software development process. The program helps to build high-level technical skills and professional expertise in students. Also, it helps to make students knowledgeable about the latest technology and supports them in obtaining the techniques and tools of contemporary software engineering to cater to the demands of the Software and IT industry.

  1. BE Electronics and Communication

Bachelor of Electronics and Communication Engineering (BE Electronics & Communication) stresses on Electronics and Communication Technology together with electronic hardware and communication systems. The program covers a vast range of application areas that directly affects our daily life. The program makes students capable of solving problems through their knowledge and expertise. This course helps to develop highly qualified Electronic and communication engineers.

  1. BE IT

Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology (BE IT) is an excellent combination of Information and Communication Technology. It nurtures students to work effectively in this technological era. The program efforts on using the best technology for the socio-economic development of the nation. It is designed to meet the needs of the rapidly growing Information and Communication Technology industry around the world.

  1. BE Computer

Bachelor of Engineering in Computer (BE Computer) offers students a base in the essential computer technologies. The program includes all theoretical and practical aspects of both hardware and software. It focuses on making computing platforms more effective by implanting computing devices in machines and systems and developing faster, smaller, and more efficient computers.

  1. BE Civil

Bachelor of Civil Engineering (BE Civil) is an engineering program that deals with planning, designing, constructing, and maintaining the physical infrastructures built. The program deals with the construction of public works or private projects like all sorts of roads, bridges, tunnels, channels, canals, helipads, airports, dams, buildings, parks, or sports complexes. Civil engineering is literally about shaping the world.

  1. MSc Computer Science

MSc Computer Science encourages me to deliver excellent computer graduates to take up teaching positions at several under-graduate and graduate levels, conduct research works related to computer science, and also make individuals skilled enough to work in the IT industry.

  1. MCIS 

Master of Computer Information System or MCIS helps to produce IT professionals, managers, and teachers. The program efforts on organizational information systems, application technologies, storage systems, software methods and technologies, and systems infrastructure. This program will nurture you for a career in areas such as systems development, systems management, IT project management, software development, database analysis and design, and information systems security.

  1. ME in Computer Engineering

ME in Computer Engineering delivers the opportunity of higher education in the field of computer engineering to engineering graduates in the country. After completing this course, computer graduates can independently involve in teaching, research in collaboration with industry, and with international institutions and in computing and IT fields.

With the rise of technology and advancement in the techniques, NCIT has been providing upgraded and quality educations to students seeking a world standard education in the field of Information Technology.


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