Neemacademy V.02 Launch, Digitizing learning Experience of Nepal


22nd November 2020, Kathmandu

Digital education is evolving into an important part of the education system. While being flexible, this virtual medium helps students and teachers connect and effectively exchange ideas, knowledge, and progress academically. Global brands like Coursera, Udemy, and Khan Academy have established a substantial audience since its inception, and many others have followed a similar pursuit to maximize reach. Likewise, apart from the Learning Management System (LMS), digital learning through communication mediums are also equally prevalent. Communication-app based virtual learning is especially popular among schools and colleges and functions within a closed circle of teachers and pupils.

Nevertheless, contradictory options among scholars and educators regarding the significance of virtual education in the current society have existed. While some advocate in support of this system, others attest to the impracticality of a teacher-less education system. However, the current pandemic showed not just the importance of digital education but also proved how this education method can be effective in continuing classes despite unfavorable conditions.

In the present context, digital learning has helped prevent COVID-19 transmission to a great degree. But, establishing an uninterrupted communication in a virtual environment can be tricky. So, to improve digital learning in Nepal through a dedicated LMS, the Neemacademy app was developed.

Neemacademy is an integrated solution consisting of a Learning Management System with interactive learning programs. It features digital content like on-demand videos, textual content, 3D animations, game-based learning, and much more content that are aligned with the Curriculum Development Center (CDC) modality. The app produces and provides study material with the help of experienced academic faculty, software technicians, digital production and creative team, and many more resources.

What Neemacademy Offers

Neemacademy aims to present an array of innovative and interactive content to help students progress in their academic performance. The features created by industry experts provide the students with ample mental exercise and study materials.

Curriculum Mapped with Courses

With the Neemacademy curriculum mapping, users can find proper alignment of program goals, curriculum objectives, instructional support materials, formative assessment activities, and summative outcome assessment. The learning management system is a comprehensive collection of a map that shows the students and educators a complete path from both teaching and learning aspects.

On-demand Videos and Interactive Digital Contents

Students can watch video lessons and pre-recorded videos at any point of their convenience. This way, students can engage in online learning at the time that suits them the best. Similarly, Neemacademy promotes practical education. Its e-learning application consists of practices that help to make learning fun with interactive content like diagrams and examples that help students understand their lessons  better.

Empowering Teachers with Resourceful Digital Content

Neemacademy emphasizes original content to help teachers broaden their scope of understanding, subsequently empowering them with new and improved digital teaching materials. The contents are specially prepared by expert educationalists of Neemacademy.

Interactive Quiz in Each Chapter

Students can understand various lessons by participating in quizzes at the end of each chapter. Neemacademy’s test quizzes are interactive and help students understand and connect with their courses better. The quizzes allow students to figure out their weaknesses and provide a clear picture of their progress. Students can take these quizzes until they have perfected the lesson. With this, students can ultimately prepare for their examinations and improve their academic performance.

Mockup Practice Questions to Master Exam Pressure

Exam pressure can be daunting. Often, stress creates mental tensions, causing the students to forget their lessons. To help students cope with this pressure, Neemacademy allows students to prepare for their exams with the help of mockup practice questions. The questionnaire comprises significant problems from past years and new questions developed by education experts.

Real-time Performance Tracking and Evaluation

Neemacademy allows users to track their performance in real-time. Through quizzes, live tests, and mock questions, the students can find out their performance. Additionally, quizzes and live tests provide scores comprising a progress chart that helps students evaluate their performance and improve in required areas.

Features of Neemacademy V.02

As per the Neemacademy’s roadmap, the LMS has taken a step towards upgrading the platform. The app, which started in 2018 with limited features, and courses for students of just class 10, now has improved features including the school-connect function, and course content for additional grades from class 1 to 10.

Here are the new additions to the upgraded version of Neemacademy V.02.

  • Grade-wise Course Display
  • A Complete Makeover of UX/UI
  • Performance Improvement
  • My Notes Feature
  • Improved Progress Report
  • Earn Neema Coins


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