Till 15 years, except India engines should not be bought from any other country.

Most awaited Nepal-India Pipeline expansion’s agreement will be held on Sunday. For understanding India’s Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan, Indian Oil Corporation’s President including other 11 member’s team is coming to Nepal. Corporation told about this to press on Friday’s formal press conference.

Since 18 years, Nepal was keeping a request to put petroleum pipeline from Amalekhgunj to Raksaul and send the petrol to Nepal through that pipeline. After 18 years, in Shrawan 28, India’s Ministries’ Meeting decided to build the pipeline.

There is a difference in 41Km distance from Amalekhgunj to Raksaul. Among that, 39 Km area lies in Nepal. That pipeline will be kept by India only. After India make a pipeline for Nepal in their financial transactions, until 15 years, Nepal will have to buy petroleum substance from India alone. Today also Nepal has been buying petroleum substance from India only

For pipeline construction, 320 billion Nepali Rupees will be paid by India. Within two years, there is a provision of putting pipeline.

In Nepal, 70% of engines are brought from Raksaul area only. After pipeline expansion, there is an expectation of fewer expenses.