YouTube Partner Network

23 December 2020, Kathmandu

“Monetize” is the term used by YouTube for its official program that enables users to make cash from the clips they uploaded. YouTube has specific standards for which clips are suitable for money-making. For those who are eligible, the user can share in revenue from advertisements shown before, during, or alongside the clip.

YouTube has now put Nepal on its lists of partner programs that are available. This means that now You Tuber’s can participate in the service and revenue process supported by YouTube from Nepal. Though Nepalese You Tuber earns via YouTube. While Nepal was not on the list of partner programs they have put names of other countries USA, India, etc. while monetizing.

Despite the presence of Nepali content creators on YouTube while monetizing, they have no idea that those Nepali content were made by Nepali creators from Nepal. Even though they were on the video-sharing platform YouTube. Because of this Nepalese You Tuber had to earn income by showing the names of countries like India and the USA and showing the users of those countries.

Thanks to Partner Program YouTube, Nepalese You Tuber was pleased.  Now any YouTube video content maker can earn money by mentioning the name of the country Nepal in the case of monetization. Furthermore, for Nepali users, the new types of services and guidelines made by YouTube will apply.

With the entry of Nepal in the list, there are presently 122 countries under YouTube’s Partner Network. On YouTube, one thousand users and four thousand hours of video streaming time can be monetized. The Nepalese You Tuber was capable of earning Rs 4-5 lakh a month.


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