With the rapid development of technology, the trend of digitalizing is flowing massively. The burgeoning enrollment of startups and government into digital technology is not only clearing the traditional methods of running trade but also building a pathway of an entire digital economy towards the development of the nation.

The trend in technology and digital sector is changing day by day. From the last five years, we have experienced extreme changes in these fields. Within a single touch or click we can buy clothes, food, purchase books, recharge balance on mobile and internet. Likewise, booking plane tickets, movie shows, filling up different application has been made possible by digital mediums. This things clearly state that Nepal is doing hard in creating a digital economy a future with a broader scope.

Establishing a digital economy is not easy for a third world country like Nepal. It needs many sources, equipment, and workforce which is still a hard thing for Nepal. Though there are still many flaws and weakness, the improvement in the digital world of Nepal deserves appreciation.

The advent of innovation and technologies is improving the economic, social and political situations at a relatively lower cost.  Like Nepal, almost all the countries around the world is determining for the digital economy.  The need for e-governance and digital infrastructure in Nepal is growing tremendously.

With a pace of time and development of technology, Nepal is being facilitated by numbers of e-commerce that are more users friendly and trustworthy.

The e-commerce sector is growing at a rapid pace, and people are showing more trust in such transactions. Similarly, with the fast, inexpensive 3G and 4G internet technology and online modes of payment,  the way of purchasing goods has taken a different way totally, people’s online purchasing pattern today range from clothes to electronic appliances to even vegetables.

Technology and digital media have even made a drastic change in the education sector. Earlier one should physically attend classes or viva but now at present student has already started to attend their class online; similarly, the viva is mostly done through Skype. Nepal also has been experiencing new things in education because of the technology; the establishment of Nepal Open University (NOU) is one of the best examples.

 NOU, Open Learning Exchange Nepal (OLE Nepal) and Soni Tech at the forefront of such alteration.NOU, a distance and open learning platform established by the government of Nepal with Act No 3, 2073 BS, is one such university that reaches out to students in their flexible time, place and academic level.

The government of Nepal has been focusing on Information and Communication Technologies for working around the idea of e-governance developing the digital infrastructure. The 10 e-governance initiatives namely: Nepal computer emergency response team (NP CERT), Government Cloud (G Cloud), E- Attendance, IT Profiling, E-Village, Digital Content, Mobile Apps, Government Enterprise Architecture (GEA), Training and E-School have been implemented by the government to create a sustainable digital economy.

Looking at the effort of government and arrival of new technology trend it will not be wrong to say that Nepal is working hard to make digital economy a possibility.


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