Nepal Reinsurance company

9th November 2022, Kathmandu

Nepal Re-insurance Company has completed 9 years anniversary. The 9th anniversary was held in Kathmandu which was attended by Insurance Acts. The Insurance Acts suggested to increase economy in International Level. Insurance Acts chairman and former chairman suggested to progress in International Level and move ahead with positive thoughts.

Insurance Acts, Chairman Surya Silwal

The chairman of Insurance Acts Surya Prasad Silwal said it is responsible of Insurance Company to handle business on its own, government only creates environment. On the ocassion of 9 year anniversary of Nepal Punabima Company he stated not to be dissapointed for the loss of its buisness rather focus on finding it on your own and moving forward. The chairman of Insurance Acts Surya Silwal said Punabima Company should not only be located inside Nepal but also should try bringing international business in Nepal.

The chairman Silwal said, ‘Government doesn’t always finds you a business, five years from now the business provided by government will be at 0 level.’  Adding to that he said every Bima Company have to run their business on their own. ‘Compete it , Competiton will help you to keep moving forward.’ He added.

Chairman Silwal said it is important to research  on business and work hard on it. In these 9 years Nepal Punabima company has done brilliantly nice and with full trust i can assure that it will bring more opportunities in this field, chairman silwal said. He also added no one’s responsible for each other infact it is individuals responsibility to work hard on their respective works.

Dr. Fatta Bahadur KC

He said not only on national market it is important to enhance on international market too. He added even though it is 9th anniversary of Nepal Punabima Company, it has been able to stand up due to its 19th years history.

Talking about Punabima Company he said its important for this company to not to think itself as a raising kids. Company has to be strong enough to sell on Global market he added.

He addressed his dissapointment because Bima Company are totally dependent  because of the business provided by government.

Nepal Life CEO, Prabin Raman Parajuli

He suggested Punabima Company to clear dabi process as fast as it can. He expressed his dissapointment as the company couldn’t clear even in one year time. After forwarding every documents from each Bima Company it is important to clear dabi too if  not cleared on time it delays the process and hampers the company. So, in upcoming days please be more aware about it he added.

He stated it is important to have training too rather than only having re-insurance party business. In order to stand best among other it is important to have proper training he said. National or International seminars helps in training he added.

Nepal Bima Sang, Chanki Chhetri

Not only thinking about competitors it is important to move forward together said the chairman of Nepal Bimak Sang Chanki  Chhetri. In upcoming days company has to focus on working hard and moving forward she said.

Not only that by bringing international business here in Nepal it can boost Company she stated. Even though Nepal re-insurance is based in Nepal only it hasn’t been able to cover the risk so it is important to bring international re-insurance company.

Even in this matter Company should be aware she said.


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