Nepal Telecom FTTH

5th April 2024, Kathmandu

Nepal Telecom has achieved a significant milestone by upgrading its basic telephone service, utilizing old copper technology, to Fiber the Home technology across all locations under the jurisdiction of the Telecommunication Office Sundhara.

In a recent event, Managing Director Sangita Pahadi ceremonially switched off the copper technology telephone service, marking the completion of the transition process. The telecom giant emphasized in its statement that the migration of telephone and ADSL lines from copper technology to the modern FTTH network has been accomplished.

Managing Director Sangita Pahadi Said,

According to Managing Director Pahadi, this transition from old copper technology to modern fiber technology reflects the necessity for technological advancements in the telecom sector. With the adoption of FTTH technology, Nepal Telecom aims to provide customers with enhanced services, including high-speed Internet, telephone, and television services, all delivered through a single wire utilizing the latest NT fiber technology.

Nepal Telecom FTTH Technology

This move signifies a strategic shift towards embracing advanced telecommunications infrastructure, enabling customers to enjoy seamless connectivity and a broader range of services. With FTTH technology, Nepal Telecom anticipates offering customers a more efficient and reliable communication experience, catering to the evolving demands of the digital age.

The completion of this transition underscores Nepal Telecom’s commitment to driving technological innovation and enhancing customer satisfaction. By leveraging FTTH technology, the telecom company aims to meet the growing expectations of consumers while laying a robust foundation for future advancements in the telecommunications landscape.


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