NTC To Help People With Low Balance

April 21, 2020, Kathmandu

Nepal Telecom is helping people with low balance. To make people able to communicate during this Coronavirus pandemic, NTC has taken a step forward. Calling it a ‘Zero balance offer,’ Nepal Telecom is aiming to make people not deprived of communication during this challenging situation.

Who will be able to use the offer?

The offer won’t be available for all the people. People with less or no balance will be able to get the benefit. However, 33 paisa should be in balance. Similarly, there should be one more criterion covered. The person should have made at least one call within the first week of Lockdown i.e., Chaitra 11 to Chaitra 18.

If these criteria are met, users have already got a message from Nepal Telecom with steps to activate service. To activate the service, the user must reply within two days of the arrival of a letter to the same number. The steps are mentioned in the message sent by Nepal Telecom.

The users who are ineligible to get the offer also have got the message stating the ineligibility.

What do you get with the package?

If you’re eligible for the package, you’ll get a voice pack, data pack, and SMS pack. Voice and SMS packs can only be used to communicate within the Nepal Telecom network.

Packs included with the package:

  1. 100 MB data
  2. 50-minute voice call (NT network)
  3. 25 SMS (NT network)

This is indeed a grand gesture from Nepal Telecom.


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