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3rd May 2021, Kathmandu

Nepal Telecom has issued USSD code numbers to provide service information and to receive complaints.

The numbers used for inquiries and dispute management are given free of charge for the convenience of consumers, according to the telecom.

191 (Customer Care Service)

Customers can obtain information about GSM, CDMA, and WiMAX services by dialing 191.

Following the instructions obtained after dialing 191, press 1 for GSM, 2 for CDMA, and 3 for WiMAX. After that, you can inquire about similar services and file complaints.


To learn about Nepal Telecom’s landline, i.e., local telephone number, dial 197 from your mobile or any other handset. The operator then dials the phone number of the individual or company the customer is looking for.

Currently, you can find the landline number of the person or organization that you’re looking for by visiting the link on the company’s website.

Individual customers can find the phone number by writing the person’s name, address, and district. At the same time, institutional customers can find the phone number by writing the company’s name, address, and district.


 For complaints about Nepal Telecom facilities, dial 198. It can be used for Nepal Telecom’s wireless local telephone, ADSL, Vista telephone, FTTH, and lease line maintenance.

After dialing 198, follow the automated system’s instructions and press 1 for a telephone complaint, 2 for an ADSL complaint, 3 for a Vista complaint, 4 for an FTTH complaint, and 5 for a lease line complaint.

After providing the number to be repaired as per the instructions given, the repair work process will move forward on behalf of the company.


Dial 1498 for updates on mobile and WiMAX services. This number can be used not only for questions or concerns about mobile and WiMAX services but also for general knowledge about the service.

Aside from that, necessary information about the company’s services can be accessed from the company’s website, Nepal Telecom app, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks.


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