Global Data Science Hackathon

25th October 2021, Kathmandu

Laxmi Tiwari is honored to be selected as one of twenty-five Global Regional Ambassadors for the #BuildwithAI Hack 2021, representing #Nepal for Hackmakers.

The world is undergoing an unprecedented time of opportunities and development in data science, AI, cloud IoT, and open data solutions. This hackathon is dedicated to collaborating with and encouraging people to creatively use their skills.

Are you a student or graduate to build your portfolio, increase your network and develop solutions to global problems?

Oracle, Slack, INE, ITIC Systems, Open Weaver, and Hackmakers are proud to celebrate International Internet day with the #BuildwithAI Hackathon 2021!

A Big Thanks to Community Partners ICT Frame, Women in Big Data – Nepal, BMUCO, Kings College Nepal, under InnovateX Multipurpose Pvt. Ltd.

From 29 October to 2 November, this hackathon is dedicated to encouraging people to creatively use their skills in generating new ideas for the education, environmental and social challenges. It has three themes to enroll in a hackathon.

 Predictive Analysis

Audio and Visual Analysis

Prescriptive Analysis

We are looking for awesome participants and qualified mentors! Join thousands of hackers competing to showcase their skills, win awesome prizes and certifications in the #BuildwithAI Hack 2021. This is your chance to:

  • Score an exclusive certificate for participation improve your personal innovation and leadership skills
  • Get real-life experience creating solutions to real-world problems
  • Meet other amazing mentors and participants in the innovation ecosystem at a global level

To register and find out information about the competition: Click Here

For a full itinerary of the event: Click Here


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