Nepal To Host Key Issues Of Information Technology Bill 2075 Conference

IT Bill 2075 Its Prospect on IT Industry Of Nepal

The IT Bill 2075 has been presented before the meeting of the House of Representatives of Nepal. The bill makes it mandatory for social media sites to register with the Department of Information. As per the Information Technology Bill, all social media portal should be registered with the DoI. Similarly, the IT Bill also states that the Nepal government can halt operation of social networking sites that are being operated without registration.

Nepal Tables New IT Bill: Registration Of Social Networks, Data Retention, Censorship, Intermediary Liability Issues.
An ICT Conference on topics of Information Technology Bill 2075 and its prospect on the IT Industry will be held at Pragya Pratisthan Bhawan, Kamaladi, Nepal. Information Security Response Team Nepal organizes the Conference (npCert), Internet Society Nepal and Internet Governance Institute in partnership between ICT Frame Magazine and Supported By CAN Federation, Centre For Cyber Security Research and Innovation (CSRI Nepal), One Cover Pvt Ltd, and LABA Pvt Ltd, CSIT Association of Nepal, DIT Solution.

Tentative Agenda

Venue: Nepal Academy, Kamaladi | Hall: Lekhnath

Date: Thursday, 9nd May 2019

RSVP: +977-1-4243071 / 9860664392| Email: [email protected] /  [email protected] / [email protected] / [email protected]

14:00-14:15 Registration & Welcome Tea: Romkant Pandey, ISOC Nepal
14:15-14:20 Welcome & Objective Umesh Raghubanshi, Director, Internet Governance Institute
14:21-15:00 “IT Bill 2019 & Proposed Amendment: Key issues to be Addressed.” Babu Ram Aryal, Founder/Director of Internet Governance Institute
15:00-15:15 Tea Break
15:16-16:45 Panel Discussion

IT Bill, 2018: Stakeholders Concern




●     Hon. Dibyamani Rajbhandari,

MP, House of Representatives

●     Hon. Bina Kumari Shrestha, MP, House of Representatives

●     Vivek Rana, Expert, Asian Development Bank

●     Shubha Kayastha, Executive Director, Body & Data

●     Sahib Singh, Consultant, Asia Internet Coalition

16:46-16:50 Chief Guest Speech Hon. Kalyani Kumari Khadka, Chair, Development & Technology Committee, House of Representative
16:51-16:55 Vote of Thanks Chiranjibi Adhikari, President, Information Security Response Team (npCert)
16:56-17:00 Closing Remarks Manohar K Bhattarai, Founding Chair, Internet Governance Institute.
17:00 Onwards High Tea

Hon. Kalyani Kumari Khadka, Chief Guest:

Hon. Kalyani Kumari Khadka is the Chairperson of the Development & Technology Committee of House of Representative. She is an MP from Rautahat.


Hon Bina Kumari Shrestha, MP, House of Representatives:

Hon. Shrestha is the Member of House of Representative and Coordinator of the Subcommittee formed to seek consensus among the amendments proposed by the MPs at House of Representative on IT Bill, 2018.

Hon. Dibyamani Rajbhandari, MP, House of Representatives:

Dibyamani Rajbhandari is a businessman turned politician. Currently, he is a member of the House of Representative and has proposed many amendments to the proposed IT Bill 2018.

Babu Ram Aryal, Founder/Director, Internet Governance Institute:

Babu Ram Aryal is a Kathmandu, Nepal based lawyer having nearly two-decade-long experience in Media, Media Technology, Telecommunication (Including Internet and Cyber Law), Intellectual Property, E-Commerce, International Business, Foreign Investment, and International Contracts.  He is the Founder/Managing Partner of Delta Law Private Limited, a leading tech law firm in Nepal. Along with the leading the law firm, he has been highly engaged in policy research in ICT and Media Technology law; mainly he had contributed to Drafting ICT Bill, 2018. Mr. Aryal is also the Founder/CEO of Internet Governance Institute, an Asia-Pacific regional Internet Governance research and capacity building initiative. He is the Vice Chair of Multi-stakeholder Steering Group of Asia Pacific Internet Governance Forum and a fellow of ICANN, Internet Society’s Next Generation and CPR South Young Fellow. He has participated and conducted various Internet Governance related activities at national as well international level and Includes IGF, Asia Pacific Internet Governance Forum (APrIGF), ICANN public meetings, Global Conference on Cyberspace, Stockholm Internet Forum, Freedom Online Coalition, and others. He holds LLM degree from Pune University, India. He was ANOX Fellow at Oxford and participated Cybersecurity Policy Sequence at US Telecommunication Training Institute, USA.

Vivek Rana, Expert, Asian Development Bank:

Vivek Rana is a leading ICT professional with multidisciplinary experience in public administration, E-governance, auditing, finance, Strategic and IT change management. He is the ICT/MIS Consultant at Asian Development Bank (ADB).

Shubha Kayastha, Body & Data:

Shubha Kayastha is a feminist and a right sexual advocate with an academic background on gender studies. Currently a freelance consultant, she works around the issue of sexual and reproductive health and sexuality within Nepal and in the Asia-Pacific region. She is a co-founder of ‘body &data’ which works in the intersection of gender, sexuality and digital technology in Nepal. She has also been working in the area of sexuality and disability.

Shahib Singh:

Shahib Singh is a lawyer who has extensive knowledge of ICT, High Technology market, agriculture, E-commerce, public procurement, etc. Mr. Singh has been working as a legal/policy consultant to startups (mostly in the field of future technology), helping them navigate through regulatory minefields using his extensive network of lawyers/consultants across Asia, Europe, and North America. He is also a policy consultant with PS engage, a Singapore based Policy and public affairs firm and even handles the India wing for the Asia Internet Coalition, a trade association that exclusively represents leading global internet companies on matters of public policy. He had also worked at the Delegation of the European Union to India. He holds Bachelor’s degrees in law, Masters in law and Economics and even in Public Administration/Public Policy. He went to Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University (Delhi), Erasmus University (Rotterdam), University of Hamburg, University of Vienna and the National University of Singapore for his various level of the academic journey.

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