Nepal To Host Subisu Conclave 2019 For Digital Transformation

Nepal To Host Subisu Conclave 2019 For Digital Transformation

12th May Kathmandu

Subisu cable net to organize the second edition of “Subisu Conclave 2019″ in Kathmandu. Speaking during a press conference, Subisu informed that there would be a conclave at Hotel Marriott at Naxal, Kathmandu on Wednesday, Jestha 1, 2076 (12th May 2019).

This program will be held for promoting Information communication and technology, and the current time-related topics will be discussed. Organizers believe that this conclave will be one of the contributors to the new technological development in Nepal and aim to help target users cover these issues in policy management.

“We have identified and analyzed the various fields, topics to be discussed during the conclave,” said Sudhir Parajuli, president of Subisu cable net. According to him, convinced organizations including Nokia, Tyco, Johnson Controls, Radware, Vertiv will be providing technical assistance during the Subisu Conclave 2019.

‘Our enterprise customer should know about the latest technology. Not only our customers but everyone should be updated about technological advancements around the world and especially in Nepal. Concerned discussions on what technology are available in the world, and how these technologies can be used properly will be thoroughly discussed during the conclave, “said Bal Krishna Adhikari, Engineering Vice-president Subisu cable net.

The program will be operational in 2 sessions. In the first session, various experts will be able to present their speeches and help the participants. Similarly, a panel discussion will be held between the experts of concerned sectors.

Topics to be discussed in the program:

  • Blockchain Technology in Cybersecurity
  • QoS of Internet
  • Technology for Secured Society
  • IoT with AI
  • Future of Data Center
  • Emerging Technologies for Digital Transformation

Magsaysay Award Winner and Internet Hall of Fame, Mahabir Pun will have a special presentation in the same program. Many experts from world-renowned IT companies such as Tata, Nokia, Tyco, Radware, Vertiv, will present their says on the various issues mentioned above.

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