Nepalese SEO Consultant And Speaker

SEO or Search Engine Optimization – In simplest terms, SEO is an attempt to make the subject website more visible to search engines (like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.)

This event 9th  September 2015, here is organized by National ICT club of Nepal, is announcing its establishment formally.

National ICT Club being a non-profitable organization, is solely established with a vision to Generalized the ICT portals and reach of Information Technology across the corners of the nation.

We only will not globalize the ICT network but also will be working to mobilize the excellent IT resources. Furthermore, we are genuinely working to provide students the essential counseling, training and will be working for internship and placement programs.

Unlike other organizations, clubs or companies, National ICT clubs are emerging out in this IT world with this event happening. We are actively moving ahead with at least two games per month mainly focused on innovative ideas and skills exhibition.

The above mentioned honorable speakers are SEO experts, consultants, IT professionals with other designated posts in Nepalese IT industry. With more than a couple of years of experience in this field, they have contributed their best, and they still are on tireless vision and efforts for significant changes.

Arjun Adhikari

arjun adhikari

An enthusiastic, cool personality with anti-conspiracy beliefs, Arjun Adhikari, is an IT Assistant at the Office of the prime minister and Council of Ministers (March 2005 – till now).

A highly energetic and hands-on project leading IT Professional, Arjun Adhikari holds 10+ years’ experience in the Web field as well as Electrical and Electronics Technician and well experienced in Networking in different windows platform with considerable experience and expertise in managing and maintaining corporate Industrial Networks and providing IT training’s for students and professionals.

Academic Qualification

  • Completed SLC from SLC board of Nepal and done I. SC (Biology with Extra math) from Tribhuvan University of Nepal.
  • Completed Bachelor’s degree in computer Application from Purbanchal University and also completed a Master in Computer Applications from Purbanchal University.
  • He has also taken training on Industrial Network Management Workshop or Seminar from ENRD (Electronic Network Research Development) which is supported by HLCIT (His Majesty Government of High-Level Commission for Information Technology) and EPFL (ECOLE POLYTECHNIQUE FEDERALE DE LAUSANNE), Switzerland, 75 hours intensive training from 16th June 2004 to 30th June 2004.
  • Also involved in Six month’s electronics and electric training from Jestha 2057 B.S. to Manghsir 2057 B.S. at ‘Adhikari Electric and Electronics Service,’ Bigger, Nuwakot.


  • Started his career as an electric and electronic technician in Poush 2057 at Adhikari Electric and Electronics Service. He worked there for two years.
  • Recently working as IT technician at Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Minister Singha Durbar, Kathmandu from 2005 to till now.
  • Currently working as IT support at Star capital Pvt. Ltd. Nepaltar, Kathmandu starting from last year.

Major projects:

Performance-Based Incentive System (PBIS), a Web-Based Application currently running at Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers, Singha Durbar, which tracks the attendance of employees, prepares the report and proposes the incentive percentage each employee get.

  1. Share Information Management System (SIMS), a Web Application for managing share information for a company and individual running at Star Capital Pvt. Ltd., Nepaltar, Kathmandu.
  2. I Office, a Web Application which helps organize office information among all office users similar to an intranet software.
  3. I Tracker, a Web-based Software that helps repair houses track the repair status of the equipment and their clients to view the real-time state of their stuff.
  4. Employee Welfare Fund Management System (EFMS), a web application that keeps information of fund deposited by each employee and generates reports based on different entities developed for use at Nepal Telecom, New Bus Park Branch.
  5. Attendance Management System in the back-end with MS SQL Server and front-end Visual Basic implemented at Nepal Television, Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers, Plan Nepal International.