Nepali Congress Web Application

April 09, 2020, Kathmandu, Nepal

Nepali Congress, the opposition party, has launched its coronavirus self-test web app. Information, Communication and Publicity Department launched the web-portal in consultation with specialist doctors.

The web portal can test the possibility of coronavirus based on the symptoms provided by people. The developer team says that it’ll encourage people to perform physical diagnosis if the signs entered by a person matches the symptoms of coronavirus. If the symptoms are not matched, it will suggest people stay calm and follow the necessary precautions prescribed by WHO.

Covid-19 by Nepali Congress

The purpose of this web app is to raise awareness of Coronavirus risk, help individuals, communities, and nations to identify citizens in case of infection, assist psychologically massive queues for self-examination and look for alertness.

The web portal also shows the coronavirus updates in Nepal and World. The data provided by the Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP) and the Worldometer is used to provide authentic and real-time data.

For medical consultancy, Dr. Anjali Jha, Dr. Bashudev Pandey, Dr. Anil Bikram Karki, and Dr. Ashesh Dhungana have been appointed.

The team says, “This app is designed according to WHO and CDC criteria. Built with a consultation with specialist doctors, this app will give you suggestions on whether or not you need a physical examination based on your condition or symptoms. On the one hand, it will help you to be reassuring psychologically. On the other hand, when certain symptoms are identified, you will be given precise counseling for the necessary precautions and necessary initiatives.”

The app was designed by the team of former central members of the Center for Democratic Engineers of Nepal (CDEN), Er. Shashank Shree Neupane and Ex-Secretary General of CDEN, Er. Deepesh Bista.

The web app is available in Nepali and easy to operate.

Check the official statement below. To visit the web portal, click here.

Nepali Congress launches COVID-19 self-testing application


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