As in the past few years, Prime College and Prime IT Club is now back with its event ICT Meet Up V4 which is going to be organized on June 4-5, 2016 on their own premises, Khusibu, Nayabazaar.

As per the information collected from its official page, “ICT Meet up is a yearly event organized by Prime College and Prime IT Club with the theme ‘Academia-Industry Collaboration’.”It is comprised of different sessions and panel discussions where ICT experts, CEO, Educationists, Software developers/ designers, entrepreneurs and government officials join together to share knowledge tackle new challenges. It also aims to provide platform for IT students, freelancers and developers to showcase their projects and innovative creations in the field of Information, Communication and Technology.

Bridging the gap between university and industries is one of the challenging factor that needs to be dealt with care and efficiency. It’s not an easy task to do everything alone in the field of IT. The support of fellow students, IT entrepreneurs and professionals are equally necessary. But it has been found that they don’t get the opportunity to interact and put forward their ideas together. For this, the ICT Meetup is organized every year so that the student’s skill level and professional workplace can be brought together in the same platform.

The students can share their problems, the experts will provide them with ideas for building new skills and warn them with the challenges coming forth on their path. There will be direct communication among them. Besides, the event will cover the discussion on different topics which are mentioned below:

  • SEO (Search Engines Optimization)
  • Trends in JavaScript
  • Game Development in Nepal
  • Big Data
  • Networking
  • IOT (Internet Of Things)
  • NLP (Natural Language Programming)
  • IOS and  Android Platform
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence)
  • Outsourcing in Nepal
  • Leadership
  • Photography
  • ABC of Marketing
  • Banking Context in Nepal
  • Career Counseling
  • Motivational Talk
  • Open Source and other topics yet to be finalized