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NEXT Growth Conclave, an annual flagship program of NEXT Venture Corp., is the meeting place for the most disruptive groundbreaking startups, small businesses, entrepreneurs, investors, eminent and other corporate executives.

The program envisions to bring the community supporters, startups, growth leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, corporate executives, media and other eminent into one place so they can jointly participate in the meaningful conversation that would craft the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Nepal. In 2016, the company successfully managed Nepal’s largest entrepreneurship and investment conference.

NEXT Growth Conclave 2016 by no.

No. of attendees witnessed the program- 768

Startup companies participated in Startup Valley- 25

  • 12 Tech companies
  • 2 tourism-tech
  • 6 Agro, Manufacturing, and handicrafts
  • 4 service
  • 1 Fashion startup

Individual and institutional investors—60+

 Realizing the impact and need of the program in the entrepreneurial space, the expected attendance for the NEXT Growth Conclave this year is over 1000. This year, the program is expected to be grand than the previous where Startup Valley, Main stage, Media Lounge, Investors Lounge, and Venture Blend shall be the major attraction for this year.

The conclave will further host various sectoral focus discussions in Knowledge Forum and Power Discussions, where the invited sectoral leaders will instigate policy-level dialogue aimed at finding out possible ways to transform industries like Finance, Medicine, Tourism, etc.

Major attractions of the conference

-Startup Valley

It is a showcasing platform designed for startups with viable product/services can exhibit their businesses to the attendees, potential investors, customers, startup enthusiast and network with fellow founders. Showcasing in the startup valley offers an opportunity to meet the media representatives and get featured in the national and international media. As there is a limited slot for the startup valley

Apart from startup valley, the limited companies can also be part of “kickstart hill”, where they can launch their business in the mass of expected 1000+ attendees.

The participants of the startup Valley will get access to:

-A startup booth at the valley

-3 Free tickets for NEXT Growth Conclave

-Privileged to the investor’s Lounge

-Privileged to Media Lounge

-Exclusive opportunity to launch your business (at kickstart hill) (first come-first service; limited slots)

 The registration fee for Startup Valley:

Registration: 25,000/-

(Early bird: Nrs. 20,000/-)

Deadline: December 15 and early bird: November 30, 2017

Media Lounge

The event is witnessed by the media representatives where they can get the exciting content for their media. It is a space dedicated to the media where they can have an intense conversation about the program or the major attractions.

Investor Lounge

A space dedicated to the investors where the attendees and the startup founder can get an opportunity to interact with the potential investors, angel investors, investment companies and institutions.

Venture Blend:

The large no. of attendees participate in Nepal’s largest growth hacking conference to decode their business. The attendees shall be from different eminent where the attendees can get an opportunity to network with the representative of the entrepreneurial community. It is a common platform for all the attendees where they can network over drinks.

In summation, the NEXT Growth Conclave is a one-of-kind opportunity where one can decode their business.

Event Details

Date: 22 December 2017

Time: 9:00 am- 7:00 p.m.

Ticket detail for attendees:

Ticket price: Nrs 4000/-

(Early bird ticket: Nrs. 3,000/-)

 For further details, please visit the links below-


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