Nerd Hub Hult

1st March 2024, Kathmandu

The main event of the Hult Prize at Samriddhi College has concluded with great enthusiasm, applauding the inventive ideas and entrepreneurial zeal of its participants.

The Nerd Hub team, consisting of Krinesh, Ishika, Aakash, Supreme, and Subekshya, emerged victorious, securing the top position, while the PentaSquad team, composed of Binisha, Lishan, Sushant, Ritesh and Jewel, claimed the honorable first runner-up spot.

Nerd Hub Hult Prize

Esteemed judges such as Sushma Sharma, Founder of Peculiar Jewels; Er. Aditya Raj, CEO of Digital Nepal; and Ishwor Thapa, Associate CEO at Code Himalayan, provided invaluable insights, offering feedback and encouragement to the teams. The presence of Sandeep Shrestha, the esteemed Principal of Samriddhi College, further underscored the institution’s commitment to fostering innovation and excellence among its students. Gratitude is also extended to the Samriddhi Team, program coordinators, and staff members for their contributions to the success of the event.

A heartfelt round of applause is extended to Rishav Upadhaya, the Campus Director of Hult Prize at Samriddhi College, and the entire organizing committee and volunteers for their dedication and hard work.

Special thanks are also extended to Nhu Designs, Deego Nepal, and ARS Dental Clinic for enriching the event with their product showcases, enhancing its vibrant atmosphere.

As the winning team celebrates their well-deserved victory, they eagerly anticipate the next phase of their journey – the summit cities. Armed with their innovative ideas and unwavering determination, they are poised to make a positive impact on a global scale, exemplifying the collaborative and creative spirit nurtured by Samriddhi College. Their success serves as a testament to the boundless potential of young minds.


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