Newgen Software Drives Banking

12th May 2024, Kathmandu

Newgen Software, a leading automation solutions provider, has announced its growing success in the Nepali market.

Newgen Software Digital The company recently partnered with CAS Total Solutions to host a “Preparing for the Digital Age Enhance Your Business with NewgenONE” seminar in Kathmandu.

The event focused on showcasing the transformative capabilities of NewgenONE’s low-code platform, which helps businesses streamline operations and improve customer experiences.

Attendees learned how NewgenONE can automate tasks, ensure robust integrations, and implement security measures.

Newgen Software Drives Digital Banking Innovation

The seminar highlighted real-world success stories within the Nepali financial sector, where institutions like NMB Bank, NIC Asia Bank, and Nabil Bank have leveraged Newgen’s solutions to drive digital innovation and optimize processes.

Key Highlights of the NewgenONE Platform:

Contextual Content Services (ECM) Platform: Manages enterprise content for improved efficiency.

Intelligent Process Automation (BPM) Platform: Automates processes for seamless customer and employee experiences.

Omnichannel Customer Engagement (CCM) Platform: Delivers personalized communication across channels.

Newgen AI Cloud Platform: Provides AI-driven insights for informed decision-making.

NewgenONE Marvin: Utilizes GenAI for rapid application development, real-time insights extraction, and driving customer interactions.

The seminar demonstrated how NewgenONE can bridge the gap between front, middle, and back offices, fostering innovation and organizational efficiency.
About Newgen Software

Newgen Software is a leading global provider of automation solutions. The company has a strong presence in India is expanding its reach into new markets like Nepal.

NewgenONE’s low-code platform empowers businesses to achieve digital transformation and gain a competitive edge.

For more information: Newgen Software Drives Digital Banking Innovation


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