Nexus % Exposed In Another Snap

Nexus 5, 2015 is being announced just a few weeks ago. We have seen a lot of leaks and renders popping up over the last few months. But most of them have been shown on the back of the devices which are getting only good look aside.

The latest leak was sent to Android pit which supposedly aphid rather than renders within the background cropped out to protect the identity source.

Looks like the old Nexus 5

It is more interesting to get a look from a side. The power and volume button could be ceramic; these are on both side of the phone which lower down the original. Nexus 5 in general, it looks pretty and similar to the previous model a bit slimmer. You may also compare yourself by pictures of original Nexus 5.

According to the source, the edge of new Nexus 5 which are probably not metal and they look plastic. It has leaked many images which might not be genuine, but it certainly seems the part. If you got your eyes on the New Nexus 2015, then you shouldn’t have to wait too long to wait. It is likely to be announced on September 29. The android claims that the precedes will open on October 13.

This doesn’t give us the shipping that it will be on hand of many people soon.