nic asia bank celebrates love day

14th Feb 2021, Kathmandu

NIC Asia Bank launched a plan called ‘Celebrate Love with NIC Asia Bank’ for Valentine’s Day.

According to the strategy, the bank will target digital banking through mobile banking, debit or credit card, QR payment, and IGP gateway channels. This will give 20 lucky customers who are doing business through digital channels an attractive opportunity to have Valentine’s Day dinner at the best star hotel in Nepal.

The scheme, which will run from February 10 to February 13, will be able to scan QR codes through mobile banking services, paying different household bills through digital platforms, paying through debit or credit cards through POS, and trading through e-commerce. Lucky customers will be included for dinner by a round-robin, the bank said.

The bank has confirmed that only consumers who have made more than 500 transactions during the plan period will be included in the round. Often, customers who trade more than this number would have a better probability of winning.

The bank has announced that attractive dinners will be arranged at the nearest star. Or a similar hotel in Pyak to pick winners from any part of the country outside Kathmandu. The bank has also planned more attractive gifts for 1/1 people who do most transactions through 4 channels.

Similarly, targeting new customers, the bank plans to offer 100 smartphone top-ups to the first 100 people. Who will be trading through digital channels during the planning period?

The bank has confirmed that the balance of the wallet, the transfer of money to another bank or to another bank account of the same bank is not included in the scheme. The bank is optimistic that the scheme will help draw customers from physical transactions to digital transactions.


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