NLG Insurance

30th April 2021, Kathmandu

NLG Insurance Company has begun to provide insurance-related services online. Given the current risky situation, the company has made an arrangement to serve its customers online.

The company is also serving as a work from home for the safety of their various employees.

Since physical presence in the office can increase the risk to the customer, the company has given contact information to different employees for insurance-related services.

Customers can call the following numbers for insurance policy and claim services:

1. For insurance policy related services

  • Bimal Kajee Shrestha: 9851038422
  • Manoj Baidhya: 9851055570

2. For claims service:

  • Shushil Thapa: 9841478576
  • Niroj Regmi: 9843737039
  • Ravi Lawa: 9861790406


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