Online Payment Nepal

26 December 2020, Kathmandu

NMB Bank and CellPay partnership, mobile online payment, other such services

NMB Bank has partnered with CellPay. The Bank suggested its alliance with CellPay has allowed all its customers to access digital payment services.

Sudesh Upadhyay, Chief Trade and Strategic Officer of the Bank, and Cellcom Managing Director Pawan Pradhan have entered into a cooperation agreement. CellPay enables customers to make different payments and remittances from their bank accounts, via mobile and web browsers.

CellPay has developed its own security system through different international standards in order to ensure safe and accurate payments. Customers can open a mobile number registered with the CellPay account and transfer cash to or from other banks.

CellPay has the facility to send or receive remittances within the country from mobile top-up, electricity, drinking water, internet, TV/setup box, payment of insurance amount, EMI, and payment of share transactions.


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