Nokia C1 Smartphone With Android 5.0 Lollipop

Nokia phone, which sometimes used to rule the mobile market has been disappeared in recent times. Maybe most of you including me have experience of using the normal mobile phone for the first ever time. That is the reason when we hear the word Nokia we have deep feeling and attachment. Still what can we do about this Nokia Company which was bought by Microsoft Company and disappeared? But there is good news, Nokia Company is coming back with its new Android Phone in market.

According to the news, Nokia Company is bringing the new smartphone which works on Android operating System. It’s is normal that people become excited about the comeback of Nokia mobile. It is said that in future Nokia will bring C1 named smartphone in the market and now work is been doing in silence very fast.

In Chinese site Webo, Nokia’s C1 smartphone’s live pictures has been publicized. In which Nokia C1 smartphone’s front and back postures pictures has been kept.

When we see the black front part, it looks like Xiaomi’s textbook and when we see the back part then it looks like Motorola’s Moto G and Moto X. It is said that it will have 5 inch full HD display screen.

When Microsoft bought Company’s main part, there was kept a condition that till 2016’s end Nokia cannot produce and sell new smartphone in their own branding. Because of this, atleast till next 1.5 years, we cannot see Nokia’s this smartphone in the market.

It is also said that, for Nokia producing smartphones has been like a drug, so for marketing they are finding third party brand.

According to news, Nokia C1 smartphone will have Android 6, Marshmallow operating system. Likewise it will also include Intel processor and 2 GB RAM. So as, it will have 8 megapixel rear camera and 5 mega pixel selfie camera.