NPNOG Workshop

21st January 2023, Kathmandu

The NPNOG7 workshop has officially begun in Pokhara, running from January 20th to 22nd, 2023.

The event is taking place at the Hotel Barahi and aims to bring together a diverse group of attendees from the ICT industry, IT colleges, and more.

NPNOG is a community of network professionals and operators in Nepal who specialize in the system and network operations.

The seventh npNOG workshop will feature two tracks: Network Administration and System Administration.

Led by experienced network professionals from Nepal and other countries, these workshops will provide valuable knowledge and hands-on experience for ICT professionals and computer engineering students who want to build a career in the ICT industry.

Additionally, the workshops will help to address the gap in the development of highly skilled technical human resources in the country, which is a priority area for the Nepal government.


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