23rd August 2022, Kathmandu

Telecommunication Authority has given a recommendation letter for the import of 5G equipment from Nepal Telecom. Telecom is importing the necessary equipment so that it can test the 5G service in 7 places in Nepal.

According to the terms of the agreement placed with the tender for the rollout of the 4G service, the company is going to test the 5G service free of charge for Nepal Telecom for which the company is importing equipment.

An official of the authority informed that the regulatory body gave the recommendation letter for the import of the equipment required for the import of the goods to Telecom last Thursday.

“We were asked for a letter of recommendation and we sent it last week,” said the official, “the company is about to import materials worth about $500,000.”

It has been said that since the said equipment will be borne by the tender company itself, there will be no additional charge of telecom.

According to the agreement, Telecom had previously prepared to test 5G in 4 different locations. But earlier, a senior official of Telecom had informed that JTE, a company that got the tender for 4G expansion in 3 more places, will give free 5G test to Telecom.

Earlier, preparations were made to test 5G in the cities of Kathmandu, Biratnagar, Pokhara, and Nepalganj, but now there is a plan to test it in each city of the seven provinces.

On the other hand, a telecom official said that it seems that it will take some time for the equipment to arrive and the test will not be before Dashain. “Even if the goods arrive at the end of August, it is difficult to test 5G before Dashain,” he claimed.

But the company is said to be able to test it before the general election.

Government has also brought 5G technology to the country to campaign in the election, so it will be able to take advantage of it,” the source said, “It is likely to be tested around December.”

According to the sources, it will not take much time to bring the equipment. But it has been delayed because the equipment has to be made for Nepal.


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