MDMS In Nepal

16th September 2022, Kathmandu

Stolen mobile phones will not work in Nepal from today. As Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) will implement Mobile Device Management System (MDMS in Nepal) from 15th September, no one will be able to use stolen mobile phones.

MDMS system has been put into operation by Nepal Telecommunications Authority to prevent illegal import, sale, and distribution of mobile sets in Nepal, to make its use safe and more organized, and to track/block stolen and lost mobile sets.

MDMS system

 In the case of mobiles already registered in this system, operations continue as usual, while unauthorized imported or brought from abroad by relatives but not registered mobiles may fall under the new rules.

It is not the intention of the Authority to disconnect any user. From Thursday, an SMS will be sent to unregistered mobiles and they will have to register accordingly. Such registration is done in two ways:

  1. Phones sold through authorized importers are already registered and the user does not need to do anything.
  2. In the case of unregistered phones brought by smugglers or brought by relatives from abroad, registration should be done online in the MDMS system.

 Phones coming from open borders improperly or phones brought by relatives may not be registered. An SMS is sent to register for that.

It should be registered within six months. “But in the case of new mobiles coming in after August 30, they will not be allowed to operate if they are not registered.”

The IMEI number of the phone can be registered by going to the authority’s website.


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