Olive Group's Launches Software for Colleges and Universities

24 April Kathmandu, 2020

We all are facing this severe situation of coronavirus. For the coronavirus concerns, most of the countries are in lockdown and so is Nepal. The lockdown has affected almost all the sectors. Education is the one among those sectors. To continue the educational activities in this lockdown, universities, and colleges are searching for alternatives, and Olive’s ‘E-Campus’ could be a choice for them.

E-Campus is a complete remote teaching-learning platform for colleges and students. Software marketed by Olive Group, an Irish company, offers quite more than video conferencing software. The software was solely developed for teaching-learning activities and supports extra features than video conferencing software. It is web software and can be accessed through browsers.

The software has got lots of features for teachers, students, principals, and even parents. The software has an inbuilt attendance system which helps in monitoring the presence of students and teachers. The teachers can check the assessments of the students online and provide the feedback without the need of downloading the assessments. It also lets students ask questions. Based on the answers provided by the teachers, the AI learns the answers and provides the answers to more students in a really fast time.

It also has got a feature to set questions after the completion of each session for knowing how well did the students understand. Not limited to this, the system gives access to a vast catalog of study materials based on the subject. Students can learn from it and can even ask questions. The featured has been named as ‘My Virtual Tutor’

The system also makes interaction easier. The system has got live chat and study rooms. The game-based study makes students attentive to their study. It has got VR and AR-based learning.

In addition, online exams and quizzes can be taken with access to previous years’ questions and answers. With the Virtual Tutor added to the E-Campus, students can quickly ask questions to the online help solution and find the most relevant study materials and answers quickly. With the help of AI and Machine Learning each time a student asks a question to the bot, it learns to become much quicker and efficient in answering queries.

The system has got the Exam Proctoring feature, too. With the help of online proctoring examinations can be taken online, where students will have secured exam centers through which they can take the exams and realtime plagiarism checkers will check the answers for potential cheating.

Olive Group has finally brought the system in Nepal. It is the branch for the Olive Group in Nepal. According to Ganesh Shrestha, representative of Olive Group solutions, the development works of the system are done in Nepal. He said the product was first tested in the European market due to high opportunities in the European market. He added, that the company felt the necessity of the product in Nepal for educational activities and was brought here.



  Intel Core i3 or equivalent


  4 GB RAM or Higher

  Hard Disk:

  2GB free space


  1024×768 or higher resolution monitor


  Windows 8 or 10


  In-built Camera and Microphone


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