21st June 2019, Kathmandu

Nepali healthcare sector is aggressively digitizing its information and service delivery channels. Whether it’s hospitals or pharmacies or pathology labs or even the Ministry of Health, all are using information systems for automation and better customer satisfaction. While information Systems deliver the right information and service to the right people at the right time, keeping these systems secure and making them available around the clock is a challenging task. Also, maintaining the privacy of internal operations, and patient’s privacy has become a primary concern for healthcare service providers.

One Cover recently awarded ‘Web Application Security Test’ certification to Mavorion Systems Pvt. Ltd. for its healthcare solution ‘Dolphin’. This certification provides assurance that the feature-rich software ‘Dolphin’ is free from most common web application security threats. One Cover conducted various security tests and provided vulnerability profiles to Mavorion Systems along with the recommended set of solutions. Mavorion Systems duly updated the system as per the recommendation of security experts and made the software ‘Dolphin’ free from the threats.


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