One Door Solution Pvt. Ltd. is offering one-month professional training on Basics of ArcGIS & its Application for professional and fresh geographers, Engineers (Electrical, Civil & Mechanical), Environmentalist, Mathematician & Surveyors. This application based training will help the professional from different field to suppose project objectives and facilitate specific deliverable including reporting, data development and performance monitoring for the future.

Why Use GIS?

Geographic Information System (GIS) has emerged as a revolutionary field all over the world. It provides a handy tool for creating, storing, displaying, organizing and analyzing geographic information for planning and development activities of local and global levels where the geographic position is an essential factor.

One of the significant benefits of GIS is that it provides a platform to integrate complex and diverse information into a simple and illustrative format, a map. GIS facilitates the synthesis of project information (data) into a mapping environment with complementary ancillary data sets such as census information, demographics, livestock, engineering, studies performed by the various national and international organization.

Training Covers:-


GIS Data & Processing

*Data Structure in GIS
*Viewing GIS Data
*Spatial Data Representation in GIS (Vector and Raster Data)
*Map Projection
*Map Coordinate system
*Geo Processing (Vector and Raster processing)
*Digital Elevation Model

Working with Vector & Raster Data

*Symbology and Labeling
*Selecting, Querying and Viewing the Features
*Raster Analysis
*Map Algebra
*Clipping, buffering, map merging, subset selection, Overlay, Boundary Dissolve
*Import and Export shapefile and AutoCAD file
*Conversion from one file type to another
*Geometry calculation
*Creating New Shapefile
*Edit Shapefile and attribute table
*Watershed delineation

Application in a different field

Who Can Apply?

Professional or fresh Geographers, Engineers, Mathematician, Environmentalist & surveyors.
Willingness to commit the entire duration of course
Must be available at Kathmandu Valley for the training duration

Free Demo Class:-

13th January 2016

Training Begins:-

18th January 2017

Maximum 15 people only !!

For details contact :- +977-9851197464 , +977-9851140847