British education which is accessible and useful in the world is brought by British college in Nepal. We can get a quality education in Nepal through British college. British college offers different courses which are affiliated to a British university and popular among worldwide. British college offer BBA, MBA BIT, MIT and many more sequences which are according to British teaching methodology.

British college is located in thapathali Kathmandu. With the British slogan education in Nepal, British college is established in Nepal. There are many British colleges are there in Nepal who spread advertise about real British education but the British college Nepal is one of the good colleges which provide the best training among British colleges in Nepal. The student at a British college equipped with well learning and teaching material and research facility. The teaching staff and faculty are well trained, and most of them are well experiences the real British education in the UN. British college mainly focuses on quality education and real-life experiences for the overall development of the student. The student can get a friendly and learning environment in college.

The British college regularly arranges guest lecture and presentation class for the enhancement of the student career goal. The British college provides an internship program in many renown corporate house for the real-life experiences which give the motive of British education in Nepal. British college provides a world-class degree to the Nepalese student at low cost and high price.

The British college is one of the pioneers in Nepal to start British education. The student who is studying in the UK and student in British college is actually the same all the academic and facilities as same as the UK. The British college provides facility to travel in the UK for the graduate ceremony and for the completion of the remaining course you can easily transfer your credit in the UK and USA for further study.

The resource provided by the British college gives the exact fell like the UK. When you entered in British college compound, you feel better learning environment. British college can prove the best human resources in the field of management and Information technology. We are proud to be the one of the best IT and management college with international recognition. The student can secure their future aimed career by joining the British college.