Labor Permits

8th May 2021, Kathmandu

The Department of Foreign Employment has decided to allow labor only online from Friday until further notice.

The department has said that it has decided to suspend the services provided by physically attending the offices under the department.

From Friday until further notice, the Department of Foreign Employment will only accept labor online. The department has announced that it has agreed to suspend the services offered by physically visiting the department’s offices.

That includes physically present final labor permits, legalization and new labor permits, and re-labor permits.

The service has been suspended due to physical presence in the department’s subordinate offices until the 29th of this month, Director General of the Department Krishna Prasad Dawadi said.

To avoid the second phase of Covid-19 infection, the government has agreed to suspend domestic and international flights.

Since the government has issued a restraining order in the Kathmandu Valley until May 12, all services except the most important ones must be closed during this period.

The service to be taken physically from the Foreign Employment Office, Tahachal Office under the department has been postponed from May 7 until further notice, according to the department’s directive.

The Foreign Employment Office in Tahachal has released a notice stating that plans have been made to re-accept the work permit electronically. Without the physical presence of the employee and to resume the work as a limited-service flow.


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