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Onlinekhabar.com’s Statement on Data Security. They express their concerns over complaints that the  script used in their website has caused some problems on user’s computers. After receiving the complaints, they launched an  investigation to find that no such script was used in  their server currently. Nevertheless, they also found that such script was used in their recent archive by people without authority, which was later removed on Tuesday
evening. Their Technical Team has found that onlinekhabar’s server accessed by unauthorized persons to insert a script  related to cryptocurrency into their files, but it was removed later.  The activity was carried out without their knowledge and authority. That are trying to find out who accessed their server with what motive. They have requested the Central Investigation Bureau of Nepal Police to look into the  issue and identify the culprits. Onlinekhabar.com values love and trust their readers have shown to us and they will not tolerate any criminal activity through their website. They demand that the state authorities identify and book elements involved in accessing their server without any authority and cheating their readers.
Onlinekhabar apologies to their readers for the inconvenience caused due to their security negligence. They express their sincere commitments to exercise caution for data security in the future.


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