Opera Mini Beta Is Now Available For Windows Phone 8/8.1

Opera mini is a mobile browser, which helps to browse the web which allows you comfort and high speed for the PC or Mac. You can now look forward to a similarity smooth ride on your mobile phone with opera mini.

Key features of Opera Mini

Opera mini autocompletes features in the address bar, and built-in search bar ants band their Pros are given below:

It has fast performance and speeds dial features which are similar to use and tabbed browsing interface. It has lots of option which is located in the address bar and simulates auto-complete, and their page is loading in the background.

Key points:

Opera mini helps to view the whole page on the screen which tabs to zoom into a particular area. The app supports pinch to zoom in and out. It has multiple touch drive.

Opera mini 8:

Opera mini eight programs directly rammed with an option which alters image quality font size and screen orientation. It has a new privacy setting in Opera mini 8.0; opera mini 8 supports for bookmark and browser history. It helps to share links on social media via Facebook, Twitter or email.

Opera mini doesn’t support extension. It mostly supports web developer if the developer could add functionality to the web browser through third party plugins.

Opera mini has also launched Firefox for mobile which is similar to opera mini.

Easy to Use

It is more usable and has the speed dial features. It utilizes tab based on the user interface. It adds multiple pages while clicking on the plus arrow.

It has the ability to links opera in the background. It also helps to compress the image and graphical elements.

It can quickly download the data. It also provides data by the KB.

New version:

 Opera mini has just launched the Opera mini which redesigned user interface. The new designed Opera mini is minimalist and feels a lot of colors. Opera mini also includes private mode and also improved data saving. It has also launched Nitemode reference.