OPPO Launches Quality Campaign To Raise Awareness

OPPO Quality Moment Campaign

11th NOV 2020, Kathmandu  

World-leading Technology brand OPPO has launched its Quality Campaign intending to raise awareness in its consumers about different aspects of the brand that contributes to making OPPO handsets and devices unique.

 During November through the campaign, OPPO will be releasing a series of videos via their social media platforms. This will take customers through the unrelenting process via which the devices are manufactured.

The brand’s focus on ingenuity which in turn delivers quality is verily illustrated in the documentary-style short videos.  Along with it the brand is also launching the OPPO Quality Moment Campaign. Through this campaign, OPPO invites its consumers to share their favorite quality moments encountered with OPPO in a post as stories or as comments.

OPPO Quality Moment Campaign:

Listening to its consumer’s experience and feedbacks, OPPO as a user led company aims to further adjust its local strategy, while upgrading the quality and services too. Therefore, OPPO Nepal is announcing The “OPPO Quality Moment” Campaign.

Through this campaign, OPPO is inviting its consumers to share their favorite quality moments encountered with OPPO in a post as stories or as comments with Hashtags #OPPOQualityMoments  #OPPONepal. Among those OPPO will finally choose 3 best stories to be featured and they will be awarded special gift hampers.

Strives for Perfection and Assurance of Quality:

OPPO regards BENFEN as an integral aspect of the brand’s culture which drives them to challenge the status quo through innovation. Be it in Design, Technology, software or hardware, OPPO Strives for perfection with complete assurance of Quality.

Engaging in deeper user request dives has helped OPPO to compass a clearer road to perfection. Commenting on the user-led approach, Sam Chen, Senior Structure Engineer of F Series said, “Users usually request ultra-thin & ultra-light handsets and our job is to guarantee the smartphone’s strength while addressing their needs. We continually conduct trial production in addition to repeated comparison & verification.

Finally, we can successfully enhance the number of soft pressure tests to the ideal value. We have to use technology to achieve breakthrough even for defects of a one in 40,000 probability to ensure a better experience for our users.”

As per the company, from trial to mass production, a device is generally subjected to 130 different types of tests with the highest industry standards to ensure strength, durability & functionality. Each design of OPPO is designed to redefine perfection through user-led technological innovation.

In addition to sophistication in production, OPPO also offers unparalleled care through its free disinfection & flash fix services which have reported a satisfaction rate of 99% in South Asia.


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