Federation of Computer Association Nepal, Software & BPO Committee is going to organize the Happy Coding Program for Nepalese IT Industry.  you must have done something which you might be selling in the international market. It could be service or product or license. Happy Coding is an event that is planned to motivate & encourage coders and programmers who have been doing amazing somehow and contributing to the development of ICT growth in Nepal. This could be a young student with amazing skills in coding or products or services or concept. 

Thus, this program is divided into two steps.

One, National Website and App Competition, where, participants can participate with their creations and three winners from two categories Website & Mobile App gets an award. This will also help them build them

Another, it to appreciate any startup who is selling some service or product in the international market. They will be just providing them with a token of appreciation for their kind and hard work.

The main objective of this function is to:

1. To encourage member’s participation and motivation on
Software/App Development.
2. To give a platform to programmers to brand their work and skills.
3. To encourage startups and appreciate their hard work.

This program will have basically two sections: Competition & Appreciation

They will have Website & App competitions and the application is open from today for below three categories.

1. The student under the age of 22 years
2. Website Professionals open to anyone
3. App Developer Professional open to anyone


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