OrangeNXT Laxmi Sunrise

24th January 2024, Kathmandu

Laxmi Sunrise proudly announces the launch of OrangeNXT, an innovative digital-only banking service designed for the modern digital native. Developed in strategic partnership with FoneNXT, a F1Soft company and a leading Nepali FinTech, OrangeNXT represents a pivotal step in transforming Nepal’s digital banking landscape.

OrangeNXT offers a seamless and fully digital banking experience through its mobile  banking app. From account opening to advanced fund management options like Fixed  Deposits and Goal-Based Savings, OrangeNXT redefines convenience in payments and fund  transfers. This initiative aligns with Laxmi Sunrise’s commitment to meeting the evolving needs of customers, providing a personalized and lifestyle-oriented banking experience.

Ajaya B Shah, Chief Executive Officer at Laxmi Sunrise, states, “At its core, OrangeNXT  signifies the next transformation in Nepal’s digital banking landscape. While we continue to  enhance our traditional mobile banking services, OrangeNXT targets the underbanked,  particularly the digital native segment, including the youth and non-resident customers  seeking efficient banking solutions in Nepal.

Expressing excitement on the launch Sanat K. Paudel, Chief Executive Officer at FoneNXT  claims, “OrangeNXT has been developed with a fundamental commitment to quick and  efficient banking. The goal was to seamlessly integrate the banking process into the digital  realm.

We believe that the product, born from imaginative thinking, is poised to revolutionize  the banking experience, transforming it into a journey that transcends expectations for our  customers.”

As part of this transformative journey, Laxmi Sunrise acknowledges the strategic role  played by FoneNXT, bringing advanced FinTech capabilities to elevate OrangeNXT’s  offerings.


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