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31st October 2023, Kathmandu

Kantipur Cinemas: Elevating Nepali-Origin Content to the Global Stage” OTT Platform Kantipur Cinemas Launched, Available for Rs 299

Kantipur Film Academy has taken a significant step in promoting Nepali-origin content to a worldwide audience with the launch of its new OTT (Over-the-Top) platform, ‘Kantipur Cinemas.’

In a recent event held in Kathmandu, this platform was introduced, allowing viewers from around the world to access premium Nepali content on various devices, including mobile phones, Android, iOS, Wave, and Smart TVs.

This article delves into the details of Kantipur Cinemas, its offerings, and the potential it holds for both viewers and filmmakers.

Content Offerings:

Kantipur Cinemas presents a diverse range of content, from movies and series to short films. Initially, viewers can enjoy movies like ‘JACKIE – I am 21’ and ‘Julebi,’ along with series such as ‘Brahmand’ and ‘Love Sutra.’ Additionally, the platform features several captivating short films, including ‘Mother,’ ‘Kharani,’ ‘Ritu,’ and ‘Miss Secret.’ This diverse content caters to a wide array of audience preferences, making it an exciting addition to the OTT landscape.

Inauguration and Support:

The platform received a grand inauguration by former Prime Minister and Chairman of CPN-UML, KP Sharma Oli. In his speech, Oli acknowledged the challenges faced by actors in Nepal, especially considering the country’s smaller population compared to neighboring giants like India and China. He expressed his hope that Kantipur Cinemas would gain the support of Nepali audiences worldwide, bridging the gap and providing a global stage for Nepali content.

Subscription-Based Model:

Kantipur Cinemas is the first subscription-based OTT platform in Nepal. For a monthly subscription fee of Rs. 299, viewers can access all the content available on the platform, and payments can be made conveniently online. This subscription model not only provides viewers with an uninterrupted streaming experience but also opens doors for filmmakers to monetize their content effectively.

Industry Support:

Bhuvan KC, Chairman of the Film Development Board, commended ‘Kantipur Cinemas’ as a promising platform that connects viewers and filmmakers. He highlighted the potential of OTT platforms to bring Nepali cinema to global audiences, offering newfound exposure to the industry. This could pave the way for more Nepali content to be released on OTT platforms, creating a broader market for Nepali filmmakers.

Confidence in Success:

Comedian Deepak Raj Giri acknowledged the challenges of running an OTT platform in a smaller market. Still, he expressed confidence in its success, emphasizing the importance of content availability for the audience. Kantipur Cinemas, with its diverse content library and innovative subscription model, is well-positioned to meet the expectations of Nepali viewers and captivate audiences worldwide.

‘Kantipur Cinemas’ is not just an OTT platform; it’s a platform of possibilities for Nepali-origin content. With an array of movies, series, and short films, it promises to be a game-changer in the way Nepali content is produced, distributed, and consumed. The support from key figures in the industry, along with its subscription-based model, ensures that Kantipur Cinemas is well on its way to becoming a global destination for the best of Nepali entertainment. Explore the world of Kantipur Cinemas and be part of this exciting journey into the heart of Nepali cinema.

For more information, visit Kantipur Cinemas’ official website: Click Here


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