Name: Outlook

Releaase Date: 30-08-1992

Founder: William Henry Billgates

Country: USA



This is a hidden giant software industry. It has been the backbone of email communication for about two decades. Email is not visible. Outlook was first introduced in 1992 as mail with the release of windows 3.1 and exchange server 5.5. It was indespensible and versatile device. It was just for email client. Outlook took less than five years to become the personal information manager in 1997.

It is a software which organize all your data. You can see your email, calendar, personal notes, documents, files to your journal which all were ordered and lined up by an application. This was outstanding during personal computers releasing and starting their business.

Email and internet are the bold concept with marvelled the people to understand and apply for their daily lives. In the age of modern technology, outlook is a communication tool. It is mainly used for desktop that can either be large or small. There are some people who could not live without it.

There are some option which allows you to manage several email account through one portal that might be POP3 or IMAP. You can integrates all files into one folder or to  different account. Outlook is more secure than other technology which is trying to challenge the steady. It is also defined for the constant evolution, endurance and sustainability to guess to be success.