Name: flicker

Founded: 2004

Founder: Stewart Butterfield

CEO: Marisa Mayer

Industry: entertainment

Sector: Public

Country: USA


There are millions of individual who wants their photo and video to become their hobbies. You can find many apps to share photo which is available in the market. Among them Flickr is one of the most which helps you to share photo and video which allows people to enjoy and show their media skill.

It was lunched by ludiorp company in 2004 by a van cover, the journey begins in Canada, it was to be estimated that it was to be purchased in $22-25 million which shutdown the photo sharing to promote Flickr by yahoo. After that the server changed from Canada to America and many user criticized about the moving unit of associated account as compulsory.

Yahoo brings Flickr in the market and decided to come up with many features which enhance the app. People could easily upload photo up to 200 MB per month and 2 GB cap for Flickr pro which was to be removed. Flickr added some new features in which you can easily upload photo and videos in HD up to 1 TB of data on the site.

Every times some features are changing. While talking about past years Flickr has see their employee owin to the recession in a dip revenue. It is also reported that yahoo are planning on laying off 10-20% workforce with Flickr according to their potential target.

Flickr has also developed the Flickr rating system which allowed to users to filter the photo which is controversial. Flickr has blamed artist owing to their plans to sell well sized photographs which didn’t proceed the people who wants responsible for its conceptualization. The brand is up growing which sustain the photo base.

Flickr has their own mobile app supported by Android, windows and play station.