Pathao Riders

22 December 2020, Kathmandu

Pathao riders demanding to reduce the commission taken by the company

Pathao is the most trusted ride-sharing and food delivery service app. It is a company from Bangladesh. It was established in 2015 in Bangladesh. In Nepal, it officially started on September 25, 2018. Currently, it is providing its services in Kathmandu valley only.

They are providing ride-sharing as well as food delivery services in Nepal. These services are delivered through taxis and motorcycles. They have a seven-member team who are all young and energetic.

Pathao app has been downloaded 500,000 times in Nepal. About 35,000 riders are actively working with them. Also, about 15,000 people take path rides.

Pathao Riders Protest against the company

The riders of the company are busy preparing for the agitation. They are demanding a reduction of commission taken by the company. The drivers gathered at UN Park in Kathmandu on Monday. The riders demanded a reduction of commission.

The company has been taking 20 percent of the fare from the passengers as commission. The riders have demanded to reduce the commission to 8 percent. The riders are saying that they have been hit by taking a 20 percent commission.

The riders of Pathao have also demanded that the company should ensure the bikes. They also demanded that the passengers should be compensated in case of an accident during ride-sharing. From which they can get compensation and medical expenses.

The company suspends the rider if they receive a complaint from the service recipients. The fine them with more than Rs 1,100 to list the suspension. Along with the demand of reducing the commission, the riders demand that the company should ask the riders before suspending them.

One of the riders said that, though the company is providing them work to make their living, these issues are not in favor of the riders.


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