Pay With QR Code

29 December 2020, Kathmandu

The prevalence of electronic payment is increasing in the country. Most of the services used can be paid through QR code nowadays. From buying vegetables to paying the bills, everything can be done through QR service. This service has made the life of the customers easier as they do not have to carry money everywhere. Every business, be it small or big, they are trying to adapt to the digital payment system. With the vision to promote digital payment, Prabhu bank launched a new service.

Now, the QR code can be used in the clean tempos running in Kathmandu valley.

Prabhu bank has launched a new service for its mobile banking users. The users will be able to pay through QR code while traveling in clean tempo in the Kathmandu valley.

Prabhu bank and Idea Studio Nepal collaborated for the QR service. However, all the banks and digital wallets included in the Phone Pay QR can also pay the tempo fare.

This service will be available in clean tempos operated by women drivers. The QR code of Prabhu bank has been placed in the tempos operated by female drivers. The passengers can pay the fare by scanning the QR code from their mobile.

We can expect that this service will get used by most people. It will relieve passengers from the hassle of carrying to pay their fares.


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