Kalimati Vegetables Through QR

20th December 2020, Kathmandu

The NRB Governor said, “We will make the payment of Kalimati vegetables through QR.”

Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) Governor Maha Prasad Adhikari of Nepal said that he was very optimistic about the current number of digital payment transactions. He said that in the coming days, he expects to shift QR Payment forward in a planned manner. He said that Kalimati vegetables would also be purchased and sold via QR.

He said that QR payment has already started at a program organized by the Computer Association of Nepal (CAN) in Kathmandu on Friday. We were making sure that the vegetable market in Kalimati also payable via QR. We were conducting its pilot program from Kathmandu Naxals.

He said the payment companies which are currently sleeping even with licenses because of this from next year such companies will be shut down. ‘We’re not letting them sleep too much, we’re waking them up, and if you can’t hit your 300,000 client base, you’re not going to be eligible next year. Someone else will come if they can’t. “You cannot sit still the governor’s official said.

He also stated that the software used in the banking and financial sector should be of a standard and professional type and that unless it is done, it will be difficult to use. He also said it would introduce digital payments around the country and improve the economy by reducing the use of paper notes.


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