Most of you thinking that why PayPal account is not supported in Nepal? and what are the solutions for them?. We all know that PayPal is the most reliable, easy and safe as well. The most popular online payment method for the online transactions. Almost all the e-commerce websites around the world like E-bay,, rose whole sellers and others needs either international debit/credit card or PayPal account for the online transactions. A poor thing for us is that the Central Bank of our country doesn’t allow us to have International Debit/credit card until and unless we hold a foreign visa. But it is not compulsory that all the Nepali Citizens willing to have PayPal account will have foreign visa. So, you fail to gain the opportunity of making PayPal account as your Central bank doesn’t allow. Unfortunately, PayPal needs international debit/credit card for being verified. It’s very sad news for Nepali citizen.

But now, you don’t need to worry about all these obstacles coming in your way to make the PayPal account in Nepal. Generally, that doesn’t mean that you have to go to USA or any other country for making the PayPal account. You can make it sitting here in your country as now we have solutions to get the PayPal account in our own country. Here you go with the solutions.

  • You can create the PayPal account from the country which has not got limited access to it, like the country Indonesia. And after that, you need to buy the pioneer card. You can generally use that card for verifying your PayPal account, which might cost you around $30.
  • Most of you might have the relatives or friends in USA, but that doesn’t mean that you choose any of them. You must choose the trusted person for this as they can manage your account themselves. That trusted person must have the verified bank account. There is the provision that, that person can create a student account under their own account for their child and for that you need to become their child as for fake. We should also have to send some copy of documents along like Driving License, passport or any government ID which must have English birth date. With that the student account will be available for you. After that you can easily apply for the Master Card of PayPal and that will be delivered to your trusted person whom u have chosen and that person will send it to you in Nepal. Now, you can have access to you PayPal funds through ATM and have cherished online transactions from any part of the world.

You can try these options given above for making the PayPal account just sitting in your own home.