Presidential IT Conclave

21st December 2021, Kathmandu

The presidential business school is hosting the 2021 presidential IT conclave. The IT conclave includes different sessions on  ‘AI, BlockChain and Metaverse’, ‘IT Career Prospect in Nepal’ including ‘IT Research & Innovation Prospect in Nepal’.

The 2021 presidential IT conclave is being held on December 23, 2021.

The panelists for the session on the future of IT research and innovation in Nepal have been chosen. Panelists for the IT Conclave 2021 session ‘IT Research & Innovation Prospects in Nepal’ include:

Praynita Karki, the session’s moderator, is a lecturer and the Computer Science Program Coordinator at Kathmandu University’s Department of Computer Science and Engineering. She has been a member of the Nepal Astronomical Society (NASO) since 2017. Her research interests include e-governance, fault tolerance, and machine learning.

Dr. Bishesh Khanal, session panelist

  • NAAMII co-founder and director
  • PhD from INRIA, Sophia Antipolis, France
  • Post-doctoral research at King’s College London and Imperial College London, United Kingdom
  • Visual perception, learning in low-resource languages, machine learning, and AI is all areas of interest, with a particular focus on their application to global health issues.

 Asso. Prof. Dr. Bal Krishna Ball, session panelist

  • Kathmandu University’s Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Associate Professor and Head.
  • Kathmandu University, Ph.D.
  • Natural Language Processing is a research area.
  • Works in the disciplines of grammar checker, machine translation, text-to-speech, Optical Character Recognition, Sentiment Analysis, and others have been contributed.

Panellist for the session: Asso. Prof. Dr. Sanjeeb Prasad Panday

  • Associate Professor at Tribhuvan University’s Institute of Electronics and Computer Engineering’s Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering.
  • Ph.D. from Japan’s Osaka Sangyo University
  • Director of the Institute of Engineering’s Information and Communication Technology Center.


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