This meets up is organized by the members of Pen Tester Nepal. Pen Tester Nepal are informal groups on Facebook where various levels of security enthusiasts come to learn and be updated with the latest news on IT Security.
Build an inter-personal relationship with various IT security enthusiasts
Share their take on different parts of Security
Talk about their research, findings, and accomplishments
Future Plans to help and develop IT Security in the context of Nepal
Increase the reach of IT Security across Nepal
Get in touch with other up and coming IT Security Enthusiasts
Sponsors for conducting seminars and talk shows 
National Level Reach
How to step into ethical hacking (For beginners)
For this meet up:
1. People who are interested and want to learn about IT Security, Cyber Security, and Hacking
2. Individuals with Basic to Professional Experience on Hacking
3. IT Professionals (Software Developers, Web Application Developers, Network Admins, Jr. Network Admins, etc.)
Topics for Discussion:
1. Description of Hacking
2. Types: Web-Based Hacking && Network Based Hacking
3. Personal Research: Anyone can volunteer to share their findings and research to date
4. Held National level conference for Cyber Security
5. Willing business and IT companies to sponsor for such events
6. Government’s take on the current situation of cybersecurity in the context of Nepal
7. Plans for the growth of Cyber Security in Nepal
Date: 29th July 2017 (Saturday)
Time: 12:00 PM
Location: Islington College, Kathmandu, Nepal
27.7084° N, 85.3260° E
This meet up is organized by the members of Pen Tester Nepal and being a non-profitable group, no benefits* would be provided by the group members. Any volunteers for providing any kind of facilities are much appreciated. 


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